Staffing  Services
Many colleges and schools today need help managing increasingly complex employee related matters. That is why a professional employer organization staffing could be the perfect solution.
Does following up on employee paperwork consume too much time? Is running payroll becoming overwhelming?Is attracting and retaining faculty and staff becoming a challenge because you are unable to offer benefits comparable to other schools? Whatever the cause, HR challenges can stall your school’s growth causing you to potentially to overlook revenue-creating opportunities because you’re overwhelmed by your HR to-do list. The good news is: There’s help – in the form of a professional employer organization stafing such as Sun Workplace.

Sun Workplace can work with your college or school to provide comprehensive and affordable payroll, benefits and human resource services through a business-to-business relationship. That relationship is referred to as co-employment.

What is Co-Employment?

As a school administrator, you may not be familiar with the term co-employment. Co-employment is actually quite simple.
Through your co-employment relationship with Sun Workplace staffing services we take on many of your employee-related employer responsibilities, while you continue to manage and run your college or school. Here’s what that actually means for your institution:

Your role
Your college or school maintains control over managing your faculty and staff’s daily to-dos and core job functions as well as maintaining your organizational structure.

Sun Workplace’s Role
Your employees are hired by Sun Workplace staffing services and Sun Workplace leases those employees back to the institution.

Since the faculty or staff member is an employee of Sun Workplace, not the institution, the employee will be participating in Sun Workplace sponsored and administered insurance programs, 401(K), retirement plans, and any other voluntary savings programs that the employee elects to participate in. [example: vacation savings club]

The level of specific employer obligations will depend on the contract between the institution and Sun Workplace. Some of the services Sun Workplace can provides (but is not limited to ) are:

    1. Advertise for, pre-screen, background check, interview and review credentials of potential faculty
    2. Advertise for, pre-screen, background check, interview and review credentials of potential staff
    3. On-board and train faculty  and staff per your requirements
    4. Maintain all faculty and staff files [in accordance with your accreditation requirements]
    5. Perform all faculty in-service meetings/trainings
    6. Coordinate all professional development programs

Benefits of a one-stop shop

Typically, your HR department would need to work with several outsource providers for services such as payroll processing, benefit management, recruiting and training.

By partnering with Sun Workplace Solutions as your staffing services you will spend less time in managing vendor relationships as these services are provided by Sun Workplace Solutions.

What Sun Workplace does NOT DO

Control your Business
Sun Workplace Solutions can provide you access to seasoned HR professionals whose guidance and advice you can solicit when you need assistance. Sun also has a dedicated staff of academic professionals who can assist you with faculty, accreditation, compliance and curriculum. We can help manage your school’s employee-related administration and risks, but you maintain control of business and operational decisions.

Disrupt your Workplace
With Sun Workplace, there is minimal, if any, disruption to faculty or staff. Employee’s will see the Sun’s name on their paycheck and other documents, but will likely appreciate the greater depth and breadth of benefits offered as a result. In addition, some Sun Workplace offers online self-service options that allow employees to access and manage their personal, benefits and paycheck information whenever they want.