Regulatory Compliance

Schools and colleges operating in the United States are often required to be licensed to operate in their state. In addition, many schools seek to obtain accreditation by a regional or national accrediting agency and subsequently apply to participate in Title IV Federal Student Aid Programs.

Heightened regulatory scrutiny over recent years has placed additional administrative and reporting requirements on schools. This coupled with today’s economic trends have placed administrative burden on schools that have had to reorganize or downsize to meet operational goals and stakeholder expectations.

Sun Workplace Solutions can assist your institution with processes and regulations involved in seeking and maintaining state licensure, accreditation, and overall institutional compliance. We have experienced consultants on hand to provide customized assistance and support to help you ensure a system of total quality assurance and compliance within your institution. The following is a list of services available:


  • Campus-wide or departmental regulatory compliance training (licensing, accreditation, DOE)
  • Develop and implement system of internal audit
  • Conduct regulatory audits/reviews and mock audits
  • Regulatory visit preparation including organization of required documentation and staff training
  • Maintain compliance library of current information for unannounced on-site visits
  • Departmental policy and procedures manual development
  • Catalog, enrollment agreement, and marketing review and/or development

STATE LICENSING & ACCREDITATION (Institutional & Programmatic)

  • Accreditation and State Licensing (CIE) new school application submissions and renewals
  • Substantive change applications (preparation and submission) for accreditors and licensing commission
  • Assist in preparation and review of responses to regulatory agency reports and third party complaints
  • Statewide Course Number System (SCNS) submissions
  • Representation at Commission for Independent Education meetings
  • Campus Effectiveness Plan (CEP), Institutional Effectiveness Plan (IEP), and Self Evaluation Report (SER) preparation assistance and/or training
  • Assist in data collection and preparation of annual reports for regulatory agencies
  • Work with campus staff to develop and implement retention and placement improvement strategies and plans


  • Evaluate compliance with federal regulations in managing and disbursing Title IV student aid
  • Review administrative operations, institutional eligibility, and student and program eligibility standards
  • Conduct institutional audits and risk management analysis and provide consultation
  • Evaluate record keeping processes and retention procedures
  • Assistance in application for participation in Title IV student financial assistance programs

Additional services available upon request.

Customization to meet the needs of the client is a top priority.