Employee Relations Services

Sun Workplace Solutions allows your institution to focus on growth and maximization of profits by providing administrative relief through dedicated Human Resources (HR) support.  As your institution grows, the needs of employees will also evolve.  During times of change, it is more important than ever to develop and maintain a high level of employee engagement.

Sun Workplace Solutions can provide you with additional resources through partnerships that will be available for you in managing issues that may arise.  With Sun Workplace Solutions’ full service HR and our experienced service team, you can spend more time managing the areas of your business that have the greatest impact on your success.


  • Evaluate staffing levels and current workforce readiness against organizational needs to make recommendations for allocation adjustments.
  • Assess readiness of current workforce and organizational needs
  • Design and implement processes for candidate evaluation and appropriate assessment methods
  • Conduct job analysis and develop job descriptions that identify the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to
  • meet the current and future staffing needs.
  • Design and Implement new hire process and orientation, workplace policies, handbooks, and codes of conduct
  • Investigate internal complaints and assist in the resolution of workplace disputes
  • Serve as temporary or interim staffing for schools or provide recruitment assistance to fill open positions


  • Assist management in evaluating workplace cultures and norms, and developing infrastructure to support a  positive and engaging work culture
  • Design and implement an internal HR operational structure to ensure efficient and effective delivery and   communication to employees
  • Design and implement system of performance management: talent acquisition & retention, job descriptions,  feedback and coaching, employee reviews, succession planning, and progressive discipline policies
  • Conduct training needs analysis and provide recommendation for areas in need of enhancement
    Provide training or training plans to resolve deficiencies in competency levels or job performance
    Implement succession planning for high-performing employees
  • Provide standardized and customized staff training on wide range of subject matter (ex. legal, integrity, Leadership models, FERPA, workplace norms, more…)
  • Assist with human resources file organization and document maintenance procedures


  • Conduct compensation and benefits program needs assessment for market competitiveness and pay equity
  • Assist management with design and implementation of pay, benefits, incentives, and separation systems compensation and benefits plans that align with school mission, vision, and values
  • Ensure compensation and benefits are compliant with applicable laws and regulations
  • Develop performance-based rewards and recognition program(s)

Additional services available upon request.
Customization to meet the needs of the client is a top priority.