About Us

The mission of Sun Workplace Solutions, Inc. is to support local businesses and schools by providing necessary resources in operations management, employee relations, regulatory compliance, and corporate training.

Today’s economic trends and regulatory environments have changed forcing many small businesses and schools to downsize. These businesses and schools often struggle with the demands of day-to-day operations with fewer resources available to accomplish their objectives at a level of excellence. As such, there is a potential to lose the administrative capability necessary to meet operational goals and customer satisfaction. Sun Workplace Solutions has created a business model that incorporates all areas of operations customized to meets the diverse needs of each organization it supports.

As a subsidiary of Sun Workplace Solutions, Sun Training Center, has been developed in response to business continuity and training needs of local employers. During the course of operations, we have realized employers’ concern with the lack of promotable current employees and available skilled applicants to prepare for succession or promotion within the organization. This demonstrates the need for customized training for local employers in organizational in-service training and certification preparation courses for employees to prepare them for growth. Sun Training Center works with the employers to determine their internal training needs and develop sessions to enhance their employee’s knowledge, skills,and abilities.

Having spent more than 50 combined years in training, employee relations, compliance, and business operations, the administration of Sun Workplace Solutions is able to provide a variety of resources to enable each organization to achieve excellence in operations while maintaining the highest level of satisfaction and integrity.