Operation Management

Are you looking to open a new school, purchase an existing school, or strategically prepare for growth? Many times organizational change and/or growth takes place without the appropriate systems in place to manage this growth. Sun Workplace Solutions can assist you in developing the necessary operational strategies and processes to meet these goals. Don’t jeopardize student satisfaction or employee engagement by adding more tasks to already overburdened staff and faculty. Let us help you.

Sun Workplace Solutions will help your institution develop and implement short-term and long-term plans to control costs and meet operational goals. You can trust your dedicated Sun Workplace team to understand the diverse situations of your unique business and to help you mitigate potential risks.


  • Conduct operations needs assessment and provide consultation with all levels of leadership and management
  • New school development and growth, school operations intervention, and turnaround strategic planning
  • Design and implement strategies for attracting and retaining a high-performance workforce through internal and external candidates
  • Design and develop campus-wide or departmental policy and procedure manual
  • Creating and monitoring system of analyzing and measuring key performance objectives
  • Assess current processes and staffing for viability and desired outcomes
  • Secure and prepare articulation/consortium agreements
  • Assist school with attaining minimum retention and placement rates through strategic improvement plans
  • Advisory Board development including event planning and execution


  • Assess business strategy and operations to manage risk, determine opportunities, and identify gaps in processes
  • Assist school management in developing and implementing comprehensive strategy to address and mitigate potential areas of risk (safety and health, security, compliance, and more…)
  • Consult on an appropriate code of conduct that reflects the values of the school
  • Investigate, evaluate, and respond to reported unethical behavior and other employee relations issues
  • Design and develop emergency and operations continuity plans
  • Provide mandatory and optional training sessions for staff and faculty regarding workplace safety, regulatory compliance, EEOC, FLSA , etc.
  • Ensure compliance with all areas of regulatory oversight

Additional services available upon request.
Customization to meet the needs of the client is a top priority.